New Recruits

Dear Recruit,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Firefighter for the City of Long Lake. We think of you as joining our family and look forward to serving our community with you. The age range of our new recruit’s are from 18 years to 60 years old, each come to us from a variety of occupations such as Insurance agents, Stock Brokers, Plumbers, Engineers, and Auto Mechanics. What we all share in common is a desire to serve our community in time of need. Some of our recruits have a background in the fire service, while others have no experience at all. As a member of our family, we will train up in the skills of Firefighting Techniques and Emergency Medical Services.

The benefits of joining include unlimited use of our exercise equipment, Health and Wellness program for you and your spouse, and a conference room for your children’s birthday parties. Some members come to the station with a few fellow Firefighters just to watch sporting events. I believe there are many things that make a fire station run well, and one of those things are what you will bring to us from your daily life, hobbies and occupation. We are looking for recruits to help us with Truck and Equipment Maintenance, Office skills, Public Relations, Photographing Events and Teaching Fire Prevention. Our department does more than just respond to community Emergencies; we also host a variety of Public relation events (Pancake Breakfast and Kids Day) each year.

As a new recruit, you will enroll in firefighter 1 training for your first six months. The class meets twice a week, and includes a few weekend days for live burning training. We will provide all textbooks, gear and materials needed for the course, which includes Search and Rescue, Ladder setup, Hose and Water streams, Fire Behavior and how to wear your “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus” in actual structure fires. After completing Firefighting 1 training, you will enroll in our Emergency Medical Services class, which meets once a week for approx. 10 to 17 weeks, depending upon which degree of EMS you choose. You can either choose to become a “First Responder” which teaches basic Medical Skills for approx. 10 weeks and then in the future take a EMT Bridge course that last 10 weeks to qualify you as an EMT, or you can chose to enroll in the full EMT course which lasts approx. 17 weeks. You are also required to attend (except holidays) Monday night trainings, which last approx. three hours. You will be paid $20 for your attendance during these training sessions. You are also required to make 33% of your primary stations calls, and will be paid $10 per call and $10 for each additional hour.

The hiring process consists of three criteria:

  1. Turning in a completed application
  2. Standard background check
  3. Physical examination

Please stop by the station or visit the city of Long Lake website for application information. I look forward to welcoming you to our family; together we can make a difference in our community.
James Van Eyll